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Top 10 Things to Do In Raleigh

A city that genuinely caters to the needs of every demographic, Raleigh has it all. From its beautiful parks to its many museums there is no shortage of things to do here. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or an extended vacation here are ten of the best things to do in Raleigh.

1. Raleigh Farmers Market

One of the most prized attractions of Raleigh, The Raleigh’s Farmers Market is famous for its fresh produce and other souvenirs native to the market's vendors that are stretched out over 75-acres. Visitors can enjoy the many street performers and artisans there as they shop for goods.

2. Sassool

The Sassool is famous for giving the people of Raleigh an authentic Lebanese experience. The restaurant serves different types of Lebanese food which you Can take on the go or enjoy the cultural ambiance of the restaurant.

3. JC Raulston Arboretum

A nature enthusiasts dream come true; the JC Raulston Arboretum houses some of the states finest and most beautiful flora. The garden is split amongst different sections each catering to one of your senses.

4. Videri Chocolate Factory

The Videri chocolate factory is famous for its chocolate which many consider the best in North Carolina. Visitors can take a tour of the factory and see the entire process of the chocolate manufacturing.

5. Stanbury

Stanbury is a modernistic neighborhood restaurant with a welcoming charm and ambiance. With a plethora of items within the menu, visitors can see the process of their food through the beautifully made open kitchen.

6. Joel Lane Museum House

A house that many consider was the beginning of Raleigh; the Joel Lane Museum House is one of the oldest and most relevant houses in North Carolina. The house contains memorabilia of the great plantation owner Joel Lane which visitors can see through guided tours.

7. Taste Carolina Gourmet Food Tours

If you’re in town for only a few days, but want to have a culinary experience unlike any other then Taste Carolina Food Tours is the place to go. Visitors can enjoy the full range of culinary delights in Raleigh with knowledgeable guides.

8. North Carolina Museum Of History

Consisting of over 150,000 historical artifacts, the North Carolina Museum of History is one of the largest museums in North Carolina. The artifacts stretch over 55,000 square feet which include an auditorium that tells the tale of how North Carolina came to be.

9. North Carolinas Museum Of Natural Sciences

The biggest southeast natural history museum, the museum houses an extensive collection of fossils, animal bones, and hands-on exhibits. The museum caters to all ages with its many multimedia presentations and children's interactive learning seminars.

10. North Carolina Museum Of Art

Starting with just 74 paintings, the North Carolina Museum of art now boasts an impressive collection of artworks from Rome, Egypt, and Greece. Visitors can also see the many oversized works of art at the museum park.

In conclusion, Raleigh is a city of great culture, history, and culinary excellence. Moreover, with its humble and welcoming ambiance, you are sure to feel at home.