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Top 10 Things to Do In Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a goldmine of attractions and activities. Activities here range from watching animals interacting with each other in their respective habitats to observing the fantastic shows of performing arts. If you are more interested in history and archeology, then the Salt Lake City museum will cater to your historical needs. If you plan to visit Salt Lake City here are top ten things to do.

1. Temple Square

Temple Square not only acts as the religious headquarters of Utah, but it is also one of the Salt Lake’s most famous attractions. People with interest in religion or religion-based history will find themselves entirely invested.

2. Liberty Park

Along with being the oldest park in Salt Lake, Liberty Park is also the most active park in the city. With its many athletic grounds and jogging tails stretching up to 1.5 miles, the park houses a very large active community.

3. Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

Being the only Contemporary Art Museum in Utah, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Museum offers visitors a wide range of exhibits by international, national and local artists. Founded in 1931, the museum strives to be an artist’s sanctuary where one can express themselves through art.

4. Sugar House Park

With up to 110 acres of land, the Sugar House Park offers a wide range of recreational activities throughout all seasons. In the summer, you can enjoy the 1.8-mile lush green trails and in the winter enjoy skiing and sledding through those same paths.

5. Salt Lake Trolley Tours

While it may be fun exploring the city on foot, the Salt Lake Trolley Tours offer a much richer tourist experience. The trollies follow a certain path throughout the city and pass by all the major attractions.

6. Tracy Aviary

Present within the massive liberty park, the Tracy Aviary offers visitors the joy of learning about different species of birds and their habitats. The aviary houses nearly 500 birds from over 135 different species including rare and endangered.

7. Red Butte Garden

The Red Butte Garden is one of Salt lake’s largest gardens and within it lies an amphitheater, arboretum and a botanical garden all stretched out through the 100 acres of massive space.

8. Natural History Museum of Utah

The Natural History Museum of Utah prides itself in teaching visitors about the rich lore and historical significance about the state of Utah. The many exhibits in the museum include Native cultures, history, and geography of the state.

9. Clark Planetarium

Within the multidimensional complex of the Clark Planetarium lies many enriched educational and entertainment opportunities. Inside the planetarium, visitors will find the many interactive exhibits about the space exploration and the solar system.

10. Utahs Hogle Zoo

Consid4red by many to be the best attraction in all of Lake City, Utah’s Hogle Zoo houses many different ecosystems and exhibits.  Visitors can also feed the many animals inhabited within the zoo.

In conclusion, Salt Lake City is a city of great adventure and thrills. Moreover, it is a city with limitless learning opportunities making it the ideal family vacation spot.