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Top 10 Things to Do In Seattle

The city of Seattle holds many attractions for couples and families alike. From romantic restaurants to museums about culture, history, and technology, there is something here for everyone. Moreover, families can enjoy the many fast-food restaurants as well as the Woodland Park Zoo. If you’re planning on visiting Seattle, here are ten things to see or do there.

1. Museum of History & Industry

The Museum of history and industry is one of Washington's most significant museums, housing nearly four million pieces of art. Visitors can see, throughout the different sections of the museum, the history and journey of Seattle as it stands before you today.

2. Living Computers Museum

Home to an extensive collection of retro computers from the mid-twentieth century, the living computers museum is a tech-savvy person’s go-to place. Visitors can get a sense of nostalgia or experience the previous generations “new technology.”

3. Savor Seattle Food Tours

While Seattle is a city of many culinary delights, there is no way to see the best without some expert help. Savor Seattle Food Tours takes you and your taste buds on a journey of a lifetime. You can sample the food at various native famous restaurants.

4. The Museum of Flight

A site aimed to those aspiring to be pilots or aircraft enthusiasts, the Museum of Flight houses more than 160 historically relevant aircraft. The museum also serves as a classroom where visitors can learn about the many planes inside.

5. Green Lake Park

Accompanying multiple sports fields, the Green Lake Park is a go-to place for visitors willing to indulge in a plethora of physical activities such as Tai Chi or yoga. The park houses a 2.8-mile track for bikers or joggers.

6. EverGreen Escapes

With the help of EverGreen Escapes, you can spend your day learning of one of the most excellent beverages in the world, wine. The tour group takes you to some of Seattle's most famous vineyards, where you can see the vine making process yourself as well as taste it.

7. Pike Place Market

The Pike Place Market acts as the middle ground between the city and the country, where people of the city can buy fresh produce or wander the market to attend some street performances and bite to eat along with it.

8. Frye Art Museum

The dream child of Seattle’s most respected art collectors, the Frye Art Museum is a collection of American modern art and 19th-century German art. The museum also offers an hour-long tour in which they explore the many artifacts within the museum.

9. Sky View Observatory

Revered as the highest viewing space in the West Coast, the Sky View Observatory offers a magnificent view of the city of Seattle and its neighboring mountain ranges. Standing at 92-feet high, the observatory gives a 360-degree view of the city.

10. Woodland Park Zoo

Founded in 1899, the Woodland Park Zoo is one of the most extensive collections of animals in the Washington State. Visitors can see the nearly 1,000 animals from 300 species interacting in their habitat.

In conclusion, Seattle is a city of great excitement and historical museums that show the journey of the country, making it an excellent place for a vacation.