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Top 10 Things to Do In Topeka

While many people hold high expectations from the capital city of Kansas, Topeka doesn’t disappoint. With its many exciting attractions such as the Combat Air museum or the Topeka Zoological Park, the city always keeps its visitors on their toes. If the thought of visiting Topeka crosses your mind, here are ten things to do there.

1. Topeka Zoological Park

Considered by many as the most fabulous family attraction in the city, the Topeka Zoological Park is famous for the many animals sheltered by it. Established in 1933, the zoo houses many species of animals across its 80-acre land.

2. Topeka Civic Theater and Academy

Renowned as the United State’s oldest operational theater community theater, The Topeka Civic Theater houses many plays, improvisational shows, and musicals. Founded in 1936 the theater holds three purpose-built stages.

3. Topeka Performing Arts Center

The Topeka Performing Arts Center is the center stone of the performing arts scene in Topeka. Along with hosting shows such as dance and musicals, the theater also holds orchestras as well as musical shows.

4. Gage Park

Across the 160-acre Gage Park lie a zoo and many gardens, which are popular places for many special events. Visitors can see the Reinisch Rose Garden or the outdoor theater, which has many ongoing plays.

5. Kansas Children’s Discovery Center

Located within the Gage Park, the Kansas Children’s Discovery center prides itself on teaching and educating children through interactive and innovative methods. Visitors can indulge in the many exhibits that promote art, science, technology and many more.

6. Combat Air Museum

Though initially the Forbes air force base, the Combat Air Museum holds one of the state’s largest collections of military aircraft. The museum, founded in 1976, houses a collection of nearly 40 artifacts from both World War 1 and World War 2.

7. Mulvane Art Museum

With a collection of over 4000 artifacts, the Mulvane Art Museum came to its own through the generous donation of a local businessperson Joab R. Mulvane. Built in 1924, Visitors can see the vast range of artifacts within the museum such as sculptures, drawings paintings, decorative art, etc.

8. Kansas Museum of History

The Kansas Museum of History is a great place to go for visitors willing to learn about the rich lore and history of both Kansas and Topeka. Visitors can also indulge in the many outreach programs as well as the classes held by the Kansas Museum of History.

9. Lake Shawnee

Lake Shaw is a human-made the lake and a recreational playground. Along with having water-related activities such as swimming fishing and boating, Lake Shawnee has land activities such as tennis, golf, and camping.

10. Kansas State Capitol Building

A staple of every capital city in the United States, the Kansas State Capitol houses the state’s legislative branches and states executives. Visitors can get guided tours inside the building where visitors climb the 296 steps and explore all five floors.

In conclusion, Topeka is a city of great excitement and thrills making it a great vacation spot for adventure-seeking couples or families.