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Top 10 Things to Do In Trenton

Although previously being the capital of the USA, Trenton is now a city of rich culture, great educational sites and amazing thrills. From its beautiful parks to its amazing museums, there is something for everyone in Trenton. Hence, if you plan on visiting the city here are ten things you must do there:

1. Passage Theater Company

The Passage Theater Company is a bold theater group that does not shy away from controversies and dives into the thick of today’s sensitive topics. Moreover, visitors can see as the group of talented individuals turns current day issues into an art form.

2. Arm & Hammer Park

Arm and Hammer Park, also referred to as the Mercer County Park is home to the local baseball team Trenton Thunder. Visitors can go here, view the many matches, and indulge in the game themselves.

3. Old Barracks Museum

The Old Barracks Museum is the only colonial barracks left in New Jersey. The barracks hold historical relevance as the barracks stood during the French-Indian wars and could hold up to 300 people. The barracks now have been restored to their former glory that visitors can see.

4. Trenton Farmers Market

The Trenton’s farmers market acts as the point where city and country folk collide. Here visitors can enjoy the many street performers, vendors selling different fresh goods as well as quick snacks and delicious meals.

5. The Trenton City Museum

The Trenton City Museum is one of the city’s largest museums and holds a diverse collection of artifacts. Visitors can see the contemporary art exhibits and the city’s historical pottery exhibit inside the museum.

6. New Jersey State Museum

The New Jersey State museum houses within itself an extensive collection of cultural-artifacts that date back to the 19th century. Visitors can partake in their many educational programs in the 140-seat planetarium or the nearly 400-seat auditorium.

7. World War II Memorial

The World War II memorial pays homage to the many brave souls that laid their lives for their country. Visitors can see the many monuments within as well as the names of all the brave men with photos on the wall of the memorial.

8. Trinity Episcopal Church

The Trinity Episcopal Church, consecrated in 1717, is a historic landmark from the time of the British Empire. Here, visitors can visit the massive 4.6-acre church every day except for Sunday.

9. Sun National Bank Center

The Sun National Bank Center is the go-to place for every event, concert, and other large-scale celebrity gatherings. Most famous for its Disney on ice series, the center is now becoming a hot spot for different events throughout the year.

10. New Jersey State House

Considered one of the only working capitols in the United States, the New Jersey State House is also one of the oldest state Houses in the United States. Built in 1792, visitors can take guided tours of the state house at different times of the day.

Trenton is a city with a lot of history and cultural relevance. Hence, the city is a great weekend getaway for History aficionados.