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Top 10 Things to Do In Washington

As the Capital of the Washington state people expect a lot from Olympia, and it doesn't disappoint. With its great monuments, natural beauty, and small-town feel it is a peace finders dream come true. If you plan to visit Olympia, here are ten of the things to see or do there.

1. Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm

Present in the evergreen valley, the Ever=green valley Lavender Farm is a popular place for book reading clubs and classes. The massive four-acre farm is open to the public where they can learn about lavender and its many b-products.

2. Bigelow House Museum

Recognized as one of the oldest buildings in Washington, the Bigelow House Museum p[ays homage to the most significant contributors to women's rights and education. Built in 1850, Daniel R. Bigelow and his wife owned the house, which is now a museum holding much of their memorabilia.

3. South Sound Estuarium

A site aimed towards marine life enthusiasts, the South Sound Estuarium houses an array o marine life. The stadium also holds many educational programs and activities to teach visitors about the wonders of Marine Life

4. Washington Center for the Performing Arts

As one of the most prominent Performing Arts facilities in Washington, the Washington Center for the Performing Arts provides a platform for a different learning experience. Founded in 1924, the arts center hosts many various programs and workshops where visitors can enroll into.

5. Percival Landing Park

As one of Washington’s most famous waterfront park, the Percival Landing Park contains a plethora of attractions and activities. Visitors can indulge in the many playgrounds and the 0.9-mile boardwalk which is fun for the whole family.

6. WET Science Center

Through fun and games, the WET science center teaches its visitors about the most precious commodity in the world, water. The center holds many exhibits that give a hands-on approach to conserving water.

7. Olympia Farmers Market

A site for food enthusiasts of all kind, the Olympia Farmers Market has been a part of the city for 41 years. The market promotes healthy eating habits and produce from the local farmers, and contains a vast plethora of vendors to cater to each individual's foodie needs.

8. Hands On Children’s Museum

Encouraging learning in children through different fun methods, the Hands On Children’s Museum houses many permanent and temporary exhibits. Established in 1987, the museum teaches children about Emergencies nutrition and health.

9. Olympic Flight Museum

Housing over 20 vintage planes and helicopters, the Olympic Flight Museum is one of Olympia’s greatest attractions. Visitors can see the many aircraft that flew in WWII as well as the annual Olympic Air Show.

10.  Billy Frank Jr. National Wildlife Refuge

After its restoration in 2009, the Billy Frank national Wildlife Refuge is one of the most significant and most diverse estuaries in all of Washington. Visitors can see the wildlife stretched over 762 acres as well as a short history lesson as for how this refuge came to be.

In conclusion, Washington is one of the few major cities i0n the united states that lets its natural beauty and wildlife speak for itself making it an excellent place for nature enthusiasts.