Texas combats nursing shortage


On Scrubs Magazine (, we encourage seasoned nurses to mentor new nurses, and are on a mission to get all nurses to inspire others to join the profession. Our story “Inspire Others – Replace Yourself By Two” was written by a nursing student recruiter who is going to like this news: The Texas State House is on the case, too. They want to increase incentives to nursing schools that hire more nurse educators and graduate more nurses.
The Professional Nursing Shortage Reduction Program currently rewards nursing schools that increase the number of graduates each year.   The new bill proposes that  some of the grant money be given to nursing schools up front to build enrollment.

“There are three stipulations (for use of the money). For new faculty, salary supplements for current faculty, and preceptors,” Fowler said. Preceptors are hospitals nurses who agree to take on nursing students for their clinical training, she said. (

Another bill still making its way through the Legislature aims to retain nurses by creating a better work environment – which, if passed, could appropriately be called “The Medical Non-Drama Bill.” Good luck with that!


Fawn Fitz, LPN

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