Comment of the week: Ghost on the unit

Ghost in elderly care

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I work in an aged care facility and we had a lady who would ring the call bell every day at 14:30 hours for the staff to make her a cup of tea. When she passed, the bell in that room continued to ring at that same time every day. When a new resident moved in to occupy the unit, the call bell stopped ringing. When that resident moved on and the room was vacated, amazingly enough the call bell began ringing again at 2:30 p.m. every day until the room was filled again. This still goes on to this day every time the room is empty!

—Larissa on Should Nurses Believe in Ghosts?


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One Response to Comment of the week: Ghost on the unit

  1. Karla

    I once worked as a nurse aide on a surgical unit several years ago. One day an elderly woman passed away on the unit, so the primary nurse and myself prepared the body to be transported to the morgue. After the deceased woman was taken from the room everything went “haywire”. The nurse call light came on and couldn’t be turned off (even after unplugging it from the wall), and the television couldn’t be turned off! They were both working fine before the lady passed away…..very creepy!!