Comment of the week: Goodbye to the ’70s!

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Been there, done that…sat in report with the smokers turning the air blue…sat at the desk with the supervisor smoking away…wore the white DRESS (not a pantsuit) uniform and the cap and the hair up off the collar…was ever so grateful when pants were allowed (remember, the dress style was MINI skirts at the time; I actually recycled one of my dresses as a top later on).

—Nila Ritchie Raclawski via Facebook on 5 rules for nursing students…from the 1970s!


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One Response to Comment of the week: Goodbye to the ’70s!

  1. roscoe530

    Yea, I graduated in 1975 expected to come in run a floor from alcoholics to patients that wanted a good rest, We were resented from LPN’s and aides that had been performing the job since the 1950’s. I went to work in labor and delivery where family physicians were still delivering babies. The new obstetrician was my trainer. I caught a few hards knocks from him but it made me remember the next time. The nurses today are blesssed. They have nursing buddies and then decide hospital nursing isn’t what they are willing to perform. Hope and pray for nurses that are willing to walk the walk and love it.