Comment of the week: “I ain’t dead yet!”


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I’m 54 and have done most types of nursing for almost three decades. I’ve had cancer, thoracotomy for a lung infection, numerous surgeries and been a health nut. I’m spiritual but not religious. I’ve lost many loved ones and found even more. What I’ll NEVER do as a nurse? I won’t miss the chance to tell someone how much I love them. I won’t miss a chance to try skydiving. On Saturday I’ll go to an amusement park with my kids and NOT worry about that big roller coaster crashing. I WON’T listen when I hear naysayers to my motorcycle rides. What I won’t do is miss a chance to live and experience every rush I can…I know life is too short. I probably won’t try the car-surfing, bazooka-shooting firecracker thing, but other than that: I AIN’T DEAD YET!

From PennyRN on 5 things I’ll never do now that I’m a nurse

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