Comment of the week: Nursing field full of evil women?

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There are a lot of posts on here about how evil women in the nursing field are as a whole and how they are all gossipy and overly emotional, and how difficult it is to work in their environment.

I find this incredibly ironic. Almost every field and every profession is male dominated. We have not reached a status of gender equality. (Of the Fortune 500 companies, only 1.7 percent of corporate officers are women.) You just walked into one of the VERY few professions that has an overwhelming majority of females. Yes, the culture is going to be different. Some women deal with problems and confrontation in a different manner than males traditionally do. However, that does not mean men in the nursing field are beyond adaptation. Do you not think that women have a similarly difficult time in other industries adapting to bias and more traditionally masculine methods of handling situations?

I don’t have a problem with men in nursing. Don’t let people bring you down. Do what you love to do. If that’s nursing, then go for it.

That said, I will second someone above who stated they felt uncomfortable with males in the OB-GYN/midwife/etc. field. It has nothing to do with my faith in their ability; I just personally don’t feel comfortable with it. I suspect many men would feel equally uncomfortable receiving a prostate exam or a scrotum cough thing from a young female nurse. This might explain the discrepancy of male nurses in that field. It may just be patient preference to some extent.

Laura, RN, on 3 male nurse myths

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One Response to Comment of the week: Nursing field full of evil women?

  1. Granny RN x 35 yrs

    Women are passive-aggressive by nature and too many function that way in the workplace. And it is NOT only in Nursing. My husband has worked for a major aerospace corporation for 31 years and has told me of way too many women who act ‘cutthroat’ to other women of equal or lesser status. The new term for evil in the workplace is called ‘bullying’ and it is high time that the nursing profession stopped it. I have witnessed AND been a victim of organizational bullying.
    The bully picks out a target whom she perceives as a threat in some way and sets the nurse up to fail. It is all so neatly covered with paperwork, intimidation of other nurses to ‘rat out’ the target, doctors are told whatever is necessary to sabotage their trust and respect for the nurse, etc. In the end the target either is fired or leaves and takes another job.
    The really pitiful part is that the targets are usually the most experienced, educated and trusted members of the unit staff. They are the ‘go-to’ nurses, especially for new grads and others because they are approachable and will teach/share what they have learned.
    As a result, patient care and morale gets shot to hell in a unit and the bully wins, at least until she moves on to another rung up the ladder. Sometimes the bully gets ‘made’ for what she is and finds herself in some position which usually causes her to move on to another institution. I have never seen men do this to other nurses.