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Comment of the week: The CNA speaks out


You are always going to have classification in ranks, mainly due to the insecurity of that person who wants to make her classification known. I’ve been a CNA/PCT for 13 years and counting, and I have the utmost respect for the RN and the LPN because it does take hard work and dedication to have those careers. I have worked with some nurses and had to remind THEM that they needed to chart or get ready for report, and I would finish the grunt, because they are so into what nursing is all about, the entire aspect.
I do think that I would be good as an RN/LPN, but as a CNA/PCT, I do know my boundaries as to what I can perform and what I can say to the patients. I feel I’ve been training to be a nurse all of my life coming from a family full of RNs, LPNs and paramedics (from my grandmother to my sisters to my father) who left their manuals, nursing notes and textbooks around—all of which I picked up for curious reading when I was younger so I was able to keep up with the dinner/gathering conversation (LOL).

I have an innate passion and love for the profession, and it doesn’t matter what degree I choose to take it to another level (nothing wrong with growing and wanting to do something more). It saddens me—like most of the people who posted here—that there is division when CLEARLY unity is needed to provide patient care that is so desperately needed by sick individuals who come to us needing aid and assistance.

Respect works both ways. A superior attitude from either group only injures the patient, and think about it: How would YOU feel as a healthcare professional if someone were to half-ass on their duties assigned to your loved one because of some drama that’s not really about patient care, but status and some other BS?

By Kim on 10 ways you know you’re an LPN

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