Comment of the week: Why I became a nurse

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I was headed to Physical Therapy school when my dad got really sick. While in CICU, he had a male nurse, Mike, who was awesome with my dad. He even cried with us when we had to take Dad off the vent. Mike is the reason I became a nurse. I try to remember how he treated us when I’m around my patients.

By Duane Birchmore on Why did you become a nurse?

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2 Responses to Comment of the week: Why I became a nurse

  1. Dave P

    Food for thought: Once a “female” nurse asked “are you a male nurse?” I replied ” last time I looked. I was.” Another elderly lady patient responded ” I don’t know, I’ve never had a Man take care of me before,” after I introduced myself as her nurse for the shift. I replied ” I bet you have” as we men work our whole lives trying to learn how to take care of you women. By the end of my shift she was very comfortable with being taken care of by a man. Dave P.

  2. shumuel RN

    I adopted my son who has an inoperable brain tumor and a tracheotomy. He is the reason I became a nurse.