Common nursing phrases you’re tired of

4. “I Don’t Mind Changing the TV Channel For You … Again.”

One of the less serious reasons a patient may ring for you again, and again, and again is just to change the channel on the TV in their room. Besides finding a universal remote, there’s not much you can do but grin and bear it.

5. “Doctor, I’m Sorry to Wake You, But…”

Nurses often have to act as the messenger between patients and doctors. You keep patients and families posted on their condition and update doctors on a patient’s vitals, even in the middle of the night — and doesn’t it always seem to be in the middle of the night? In a crisis, it can often be up to you, the nurse, to make a life or death decision, and that includes knowing when to call the attending doctor — no matter how annoyed they might get. Doctors are very touchy, right?

6. “This Won’t Hurt a Bit.” OR “You Won’t Feel a Thing.”

From delivering shots to nervous teenagers to distracting upset toddlers, we know you’ve said this more than once to reassure a wary patient. Babies and adults alike have funny quirks when it comes to the hospital and especially when it comes to pain. However untrue this white lie may have been, it’s worth the amount of emotional grief it helps you avoid.

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