Confessions from hospital HR (here’s why we didn’t hire you)


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As you’ve undoubtedly noticed over the past few years, finding a nurse job right now is no small feat. But what may not be quite as evident is that it isn’t always easy being a nurse recruiter in today’s economy, either.

One unlucky recruiter told a candidate that he just wasn’t a good fit; the nurse called back later to tell the recruiter she was unattractive. This wasn’t as bad as the nurse who was so angry at being rejected that the entire building had to go into lockdown due to her threats….(continued on page 2)

Lynda Lampert
Lynda Lampert is a registered nurse and a certified third shift worker. She has worked with many different patient populations, including post-op open heart, post-op gastric bypass, active chest pain, congestive heart failure, poorly controlled diabetics and telemetry 'wonders'. She now focuses all of her effort on educating the populace -- both the nursing world and the normal folk -- through her web writing. She hopes one day to publish another romance novel, travel to England and become a web rock star. She feels she is on her way . . . mostly. You can learn more about Lynda and her work at

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