Cool ways that Nurses Week will be celebrated in 2011

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May is a special month for nurses, thanks to the most famous nurse of all, Florence Nightingale. Across the country and indeed across the globe, hospitals, clinics, educational institutions and nursing associations celebrate various nurses’ days and hold a range of activities and events during the week that encompasses May 12, Nightingale’s birthday. These activities and events, while injecting some fun and excitement into those daily nursing routines, celebrate the history, the art and the science that are the underpinnings of this most honorable profession—your profession.

Here at home
In the United States, National Nurses Week is held annually from May 6—12, with several of the days in that week carrying special designations. National Recognition Day for Nurses is May 6, National Student Nurses Day is May 8 and National School Nurse Day is always the Wednesday of National Nurses Week (so it falls on May 11 this year). There are likely National Nurses Week events happening where you work or study. Here’s a sampling of what’s happening around the country.

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