Crazy Nurse Rules You’ve Heard of, But Didn’t Think Were True – Part 2

The crazy Nurse rules are endless, from giving up your seat to a doctor to not calling a plumber if a patient clogged the bathroom (just to save costs) – Read on for more crazy nurse rules, and watch out for Part 3, coming soon.

1. If you’re on nightshift, you’re coming in for training through the day. Period.

2. When making beds the opening of the pillow case could not face to door opening of the room.


3. No Sponge Bob scrubs allowed.

4. No hot drinks on the unit. Who still follows this one?


5. Aides shall not sit at the Nurses station with the Nurses. Did we just make this one up?

6. Cant take a vo/to even if its to hold the Coumadin of a patient with an inr of 6.9.



7. No wearing your wedding ring at work.


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