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8 crazy things nurses do during flu season


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As nurses, we get very comfortable with our obsessive compulsive behaviors.

During the flu season our OCD-like nature gets ramped up simply because of the obvious – more people are sick.

Whether it’s from a new strain of the influenza virus or maybe the idea of people refusing (or plain neglecting) to get the vaccine, here are ways to take some extra precautions to ensure we don’t get the flu….

1. Pay with credit or debit

Can you imagine the filth and germs hanging out on that paper money… or those coins? We all took microbiology. We know what can hang on!

2. Avoid mass transit transportation

Everything from the subway, bus transit, planes, etc. (Please refer to “taking the stairs”) Who wants to be huddled up next to someone with a snotty, runny nose? You have nowhere to go!

3. Take the stairs

Elevators are a no-no. What if someone sneezes!! Seriously?!

4. Personal stash of disinfectant wipes

Who knows when you may need to use a public telephone, a public computer, or worse yet… have to pull open the door to exit a public bathroom instead of pushing the door!

5. Wear long sleeves everywhere

For that one time you use a public bathroom and you have to pull the door instead of push the door to exit. Need I remind you that not everyone washes their hands after they’re finished? (Oh, you know I’m right.)

6. Avoid salad bars and buffet meals (including family ones)

Some people forget how the food is actually made and prepared. Yes, those employed by a business establishment wears gloves. They are required by law, but what about your family? Or your friend’s football party??

7. Refuse and/or deny any requests to borrow your cell phone

I’m pretty sure you can figure out why.

8. And of course, this is a given: We wash our hands. And then we wash them again. And again. And again. 

What do you do to avoid the flu?!

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