Crucial Tools for Identifying Social and Learning Disabilities Early


Early identification of learning disabilities and social issues in children is critical if we are to give students and future students the support they need to succeed in multiple aspects of their lives. Unfortunately, according to the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), identification of early learning development issues can be impaired by many factors, not all children with issues are identified in school as having a disability and far too often, discovery isn’t made early enough. The good news, however, is that there are some incredible tools available that make identification significantly easier and intervention more effective than ever before.
Tools, Apps, and Tips for Early Learning Development

Research has noted that the gap between typical readers and those who have dyslexia or other issues is distinguishable as early as the first grade. While parent participation is the biggest factor in the success of identifying learning disabilities early, caregiver collaboration, including that of teachers, is also critical. Apps and programs that focus on early education are excellent tools for children at any age from birth on up, especially those that are engaging, interactive, stimulating, and those that facilitate coordinated preventative care, like Bee Well™.

Playful Bee offers an early learning development web tool that is more than just an app – it’s a comprehensive program suite with educational activities personalized to children of all ages and stages to give them the best possible start in life. The program, Bee Well™, is recommended by physicians and pediatric care providers, and was created by developmental psychologists and teachers. Playful Bee offers the program in line with its mission to give children access to the basic need of high-quality wellness care and early education that is supported by parents and care providers. The web app is designed to empower parents with the tools they need to help children succeed in developing a healthy and successful ability to learn. It is this early, comprehensive engagement that facilitates the early detection of learning and social issues.

Additional apps and programs may be recommended by some experts as well, including Zap Zap Math, Scribble Cards, and Busy Shapes. Since some of these programs focus on a narrower range of subjects and study areas than Bee Well™ does, and do not offer the same curriculum spread, it’s important that parents and care givers are engaged with the best program for early learning for their children. With Playful Bee’s program Bee Well™, parents can not only enhance early learning development for their child, but can also get children ahead of the curve and ready for school to help them reach their absolute highest potential.

November 8th is National Parents as Teachers Day

Parents play a significant role in identifying any early learning development issues, and as the NCLD states, personal perspective is crucial. Without proper tools and support, many of these children will risk falling behind, not reaching their full potential, absenteeism later in school, and even dropping out. It’s estimated that 50% of children with issues are not formally identified or treated going into kindergarten, but when these students have the right tools for early learning development and support, and when they receive the earliest interventions possible, they can and do succeed.

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