Cup of coffee meditation


young woman enjoying a cup of tea
Breath Prayer
Breathing in: Guide me…
Breathing out: Guard me…


Hold the cup in your hands.
Feel its warmth.
Savor its scent.
Touch the sides and the bottom of the cup.
Run your fingers around the edge of the cup.
Close your eyes and imagine your spiritual boundaries.
Let yourself lean on an unnamed source of Goodness for a while.
Ask for whatever boundaries you need to protect your inner life.
Listen to your heart as you drink your coffee (tea/hot beverage).

From the Bible

I have called you by name,
You are mine…
You are precious in my sight,
And honored, and I love you
—Isaiah 43:1,

Rabbi Sheryl Lewart
Sheryl Lewart was a beloved spiritual teacher who lectured and led workshops and seminars in mystical Judaism (Kabbalah, Hasidism and Mussar). She served for 12 years as rabbi of Kehillat Israel—the largest Reconstructionist congregation in the world—in Los Angeles, and gave seminars regularly on values-based decision-making. Before passing away of cancer in late 2012, Sheryl offered spiritual direction and guidance in order to help others understand that by developing our own spirituality, we discover a deeper intimacy with God and a genuine compassion for all of creation. God, it has been suggested, is the wind that blows our ship, but it is up to us to turn the rudder and shift the sails in order to more fully catch the wind that freely blows.

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