Jennifer Gruber

RN of Carle

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Brandi Simmons
Jenn is an exceptional nurse. My mother is currently in the CCU at Carle and has been for just under two weeks with an auto immune disease that's attacking her lungs. Jenn is the first nurse out of the many she's had that has shown that she really cares that's something up with my mom. Another nurse was in changing the dressings on her port and while he was doing that, Jenn just sat down and talked to my mom about life. Her husband, me, her stepkids, what they've done for a living, what their husbands did for a living... They just sat there and "shot the crap". She makes an effort to check on my mom when she's free and makes my mom feel more comfortable. Last weekend was Jenn's birthday and her mom brought her cupcakes and Jenn was nice enough to share one with my mom and someone brought her cookies and Jenn also shared one of them with my mom. She just has a big heart and she's good at what she does. I wish my mom could have her everyday