Diary of a neurotic nurse mom

image: © istockphoto.com/Steve Debenport

Although I am not an RN yet…I have a good knowledge base about what is going on in the hospital.  My son will be going in for surgery on Monday and it brings a few thoughts to mind.  I sometimes wish I was oblivious to all that goes on and that can go wrong in the hospital, anesthesia, and surgery.  I constantly am watching our doctors and nurses like a hawk…..are they washing their hands?

The last time we were down for surgery, despite my husband and I correcting the Resident 5 times; he kept referring to my son as “she.”  That was just an example of someone blatantly ignoring you while you are talking.  Excuse me, but if you don’t know if my child is a male or female before you walk in the room….walk your ass back out of the room and read the chart!  It is unprofessional and makes you look really bad!!  This is just one of the things that drives me crazy!!

I would say 98% of the time we have had wonderful care….couldn’t have asked for better….but that 2% gets to me.  I want to know everything that is going on while we are down there. Is that wrong?  I don’t think it is…I only want what is best for my child, but I can’t help but putting everyone under a microscope.  I have to say, I keep quiet about it…I am not rude and always let the staff do their jobs and constantly thank them for their care.  I just am fearful of someone neglecting or cutting corners…after all, we all know hospitals are the best places to acquire infections!!  I just wish I could relax a bit….I am already having anxiety and Monday is 4 days away!!

To be fair, I love Riley Children’s hospital in Indianapolis.  They are very proactive for parent/child centered care.  The parent is constantly involved in their childs care.  They even give report in front of the parents….I think that is a great idea…especially for parents who feel like they are in the dark.  Children’s Hospitals are amazing…a completely different atmosphere.  Despite my neurotic behaviors I am so thankful that there are wonderful doctors, nurses, and others who care for little one’s like my Mason….these are truly special people.

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