Difficult coworker meditation

Image: Steve West | Digital Vision | Getty Images

Breath Prayer

Breathing in: Guide me…
Breathing out: …Guard me


Reflection on Dealing with a Difficult Coworker

Take a few moments for yourself at the water cooler.
Drink a few sips of cool water as you drink in composure.
Invite deep, calming breaths to flow through your body.
Remember that there are times when change and compromise
may be necessary.
Feel gratitude for your ability to remain calm and composed.
Remind yourself that your relationship with this difficult coworker
is an I-Thou relationship, not an I-It.
Ask for a glimpse of cosmic patience,
the infinite ebb and flow of galaxies.
Ask for help from the Source of all patience for internal restraint,
the ability to step back, to reconsider.
As you finish your drink of cool, calming water,
patience and calm deepen your awareness,
penetrating your own shields and defenses
and allowing you to reach your deepest feelings of compassion.

From the Bible

Recall how the rocks in the wilderness
cracked open,
that you might drink your fill
as from the deep.
—Psalm 78

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