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Do I Dare Eat the Food At The Hospital Cafeteria?


Do Hospitals Feed Their Staff Poorly?

We all know that tech giants, such as Facebook, Google, or Microsoft have a great organizational culture that promotes health and wellbeing. Their cafeterias offer mostly healthy foods that are low in fats and carbs, but high in proteins. Employees are also given the opportunity to exercise and relax within the workplace with numerous nap boards, gyms, and ping pong tables across the campuses. Not surprisingly, many of their employees are healthy.

By contrast, overweight staff in hospital cafeteria stays in long lines for entrees like chicken wings or choose a snack from the vending machine instead of a proper meal. While doctors and nurses can’t afford the luxury of playing a match of ping pong during lunch break, they need to maintain a healthy workspace.

Do I Dare Eat the Food at the Hospital Cafeteria?

By all means, yes. In fact, instead of heading to the vending machine, opt for a more nutritious option when you’re faced with those annoying hunger pangs. Most cafeterias have a fresh salad and soup bar and serve grill that isn’t all grease, baked salmon, rosemary potatoes, steamed vegetables, and other delicious options that aren’t processed or frozen.

If you don’t like how the food looks like, search for the freshest items you can find, such as salads, fruits, or cut-up veggies like baby carrots or slices of cucumbers with hummus. Don’t be afraid to ask for small modifications, like more veggies instead of bread or fresh fruit instead of cookies.

The role of any hospital is to promote health. With diet and nutrition playing such an important role in public health, it makes perfect sense that hospitals should promote healthy food choices and eating habits. As healthcare providers and promoters, it’s a shame that medical staff is being mostly served junk food or unhealthy option.

Sure, hospital food doesn’t always look gourmet, but it’s much healthier than the fast food options available within or near the institution. Not to mention that, by choosing food from the cafeteria’s menu instead of buying something from the vending machines, you set a good example for your patients and their families. So, not only that you should dare eat the hospital food, but you should also encourage your patients to do the same.

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