Do nurses get credit for putting their own health in harm’s way?

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It’s no secret that nursing is a physically demanding profession: From spending hours on your feet daily to lifting bedridden patients, you are continually putting your body at risk to serve others. We asked our Facebook fans if they get accolades for all the dangers they risk on the job, and most readers had very strong opinions about their health and the “credit” they do or do not receive for being a nurse. Here are some of their thoughts.

“If you’re in it for the credit, acknowledgment or accolades from external sources, I’m afraid you’re in the wrong profession!” —Diane Courtney

“I’m still surprised by the patients weighing over 200 pounds who want me to move them all by myself. They give no thought to the risk I would take and think I should have the muscle to do it.” —Mary Hammock

“I was just thinking tonight, as I was pushing a stretcher quickly to pick up a patient for an endoscopy procedure, how much more my body could take! Don’t get me wrong: I love my patients! But…the positions I put my body in and trying to hold patients still while they’re being sedated, applying pressure to help the ‘scope’ around is starting to wear out my body!” —Mary Cates

“I wish I could go back in a time machine and undo the damage I’ve done to my back. But I will say this: The first time I went to pain management, I saw many of the patients I had helped, and they were walking and doing better and it made me feel good! Didn’t take my pain away, but at least I helped some folks! Being a nurse is tough and I guess we must make sacrifices.” —Lucinda Perniciaro

“Nursing is hard work and, yeah, we don’t get a lot of credit sometimes, but if a person is in it for that, then they need to get out. They have no place being in this profession. 🙂 To all new nurses: Please keep your empathy for people. It is precious and can easily be forgotten!” —Megan Turley

“We need to be more aware of our own limitations. And watch out for each other. In order for us to take care of our patients, we have to take care of ourselves and each other.” —Brandie Habit Jackson

Share your thoughts: How has nursing affected your health? Do you get credit for the dangers you face on the job?

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