Doctor apologizes for attacking nurse

A Colorado nurse was stabbed earlier this year by a doctor who works at the same hospital. The physician, Dr. Grady Michael Holder, was a patient in the ICU at the time of the attack.
Holder was hospitalized due to conditions related to alcohol abuse when he summoned the nurse to his room. When she arrived, the curtains were drawn around the bed. As she pulled back the curtains, Holder used a knife to stab her in the upper arm.

Holder, who lost hospital privileges as a result of the attack, was charged with attempted first-degree murder, menacing and second-degree assault. However, a further review of the case revealed that Holder could not be held criminally responsible because his mental state was altered due to his medical condition and treatment.

The nurse received a formal apology from Holder earlier this week. According to The Denver Channel, Holder wrote, “I want to apologize to Nurse [name removed] for any injuries she sustained because of the incident that occurred at Sky Ridge Medical Center. It is my sincere hope that Ms. __ go forward rebuilding her life, with the support of her family, so she can continue to serve her community in whatever fashion she desires…I want to assure all hospital personnel that I have never intentionally hurt another human being…”

Holder is currently treatment for alcoholism and hopes to return to the practice of medicine.

Do you think the doctor’s apology was sufficient?

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