Doctor pleads guilty in Texas nurse whistleblower case

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Last year we reported a story of two nurses from Winkler County, Texas that had been charged with “misuse of official information” for anonymously reporting concerns about a doctor’s medical practices to the Texas Medical Board.
On November 7, that doctor, Rolando Arafiles Jr, MD, pleaded guilty to criminal charges for his retaliation against the two nurses for sending the complaint. Anne Mitchell, RN and Vickilyn Galle, RN had all charges dropped just before the case went to trial last year, and were eventually awarded $375,000 each in a civil suit against Winkler County. Arafiles was sentenced to 60 days in jail and a $5,000 fine. Three other men also received jail time for their involvement in uncovering Mitchell and Galle’s identities and attempting to bring the initial case to court.





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