Great downloads for nurses

Brain Sheets

We asked you for your best brain sheets, and you delivered! Here are the best of the best. Click each image to download a PDF version to print and email to your team.

Shoe Buying Guide

How to do the “wet test” when picking out a shoe and more great tips for the smart (and comfortable) nurse!

Compassion Fatigue Checklist

When you get too immersed in the lives and trials of your patients, you can become a victim of “compassion fatigue.” Use this checklist to assess if you are are suffering from this condition.

Nursing Gear Checklist

Here’s a printable list to bring with you next time you go to the medical uniform store.

Vending Machine Checklist

Here’s a printable list to tack up in the break room to help you and your fellow nurses decide what to buy with your stack of quarters.

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