Drag queen can return to work as a nurse

Ray Fetcho, an esteemed Florida nurse who lost his job last month over a 34-year-old lewd conduct conviction, can once again care for patients.
Fetcho, aka “Tiny Tina,” was arrested in 1976 for hosting a “Wet Jockey Shorts Night” at a local nightclub.  At the time, he had no idea that the arrest would cost him his job over thirty years later.

But when the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration discovered the  conviction, Fetcho was fired from his job.  Employers, co-workers and patients’ families rallied around Fetcho, citing his 40-some years of dedicated service as a nurse.  

The Florida Board of Nursing recently sent Fetcho a letter, informing him that the Board does not believe he’s a danger to patients or families.  Fetcho has officially been cleared to return to nursing and is looking forward to beginning a new position at Dayscape Adult Care Center.

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