Why nurses “eat their stress”


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Let’s face facts: More than half of all nurses are fat. Obese even.

There may be a medical reason why your workday sends you to the fridge.

Psychologically, you may be the kind of person who cares for others too much, and that’s causing you to overeat to compensate for not caring for yourself.

Physically, your heightened stress levels (hey, you’re a nurse…it’s a common problem) could be upsetting your biochemical balance, which is in turn making you fat.

If you’re the kind of nurse who is overeating because you are an uber-caregiver, you’ll find solutions here to deal with that. If you’re so stressed that you’re actually suffering from a biochemical imbalance, we’ll give you the tools to manipulate your body’s chief stress fighting hormone: Cortisol.

And when you’ve confronted and conquered the self-doubt and common stressors that nurses face, we’ll do our best to put a smile on your face. Because there is a light (and a size eight) at the end of that tunnel.

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Manipulate your cortisol levels
A final tip

First, identify your barrier to weight loss…


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