Eight pounds and it’s back to broccoli

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I have worked very hard over the past year to finally, for the first time in my life to be fit.  I still have a way to go, but I am in the best shape of my life.  I eat well, I exercise and am very conscious about what I do with my body.

It was all going very well, but then I went on vacation.  I felt good.  I didn’t eat great, but it wasn’t as bad I would have eaten a year ago.  I got a few workouts in, not as many as I wanted, but a few in over the two weeks I was out.  I actually felt like I maintained my current weight.

When I got home I weighed myself and I had gained eight pounds! Eight flipping pounds!  I could not even believe that.  I didn’t feel like I was eight pounds heavier.  I thought a pound or two but eight, are you kidding me.

So here I am now writing this blog on my lunch break drowning my sorrows in a bowl of broccoli.  Oh how I miss all that fried fish I was eating in Florida.

Over the past year, and with this incident, I have learned how important fitness is to us, especially as nurses.  I have discovered that nurses are with their bodies like a mechanic with a broken down car or the carpenter with unfinished projects around their house.  We help people heal their bodies and teach them how to make themselves healthy, but we eat terrible, some of smoke and drink and don’t practice what we preach.

I love the changes I have made in myself over the past year, and want to be an example to my patients, my family and especially my child by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Care to join me….or should I say re-join me?

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Rob Cameron

Rob Cameron is currently a staff nurse in a level II trauma center. He has primarily been an ED nurse for most of his career, but he has also been a nurse manager for Surgical Trauma and Telemetry unit. He has worked in Med/Surg, Critical Care, Hospice, Rehab, an extremely busy cardiology clinic and pretty much anywhere he's been needed.Prior to his career in nursing, Rob worked in healthcare finance and management. Rob feels this experience has given him a perspective on nursing that many never see. He loves nursing because of all the options he has within the field. He is currently a grad student working on an MSN in nursing leadership, and teaches clinicals at a local university.Away from work, Rob spends all of his time with his wife and daughter. He enjoys cycling and Crossfit. He is a die hard NASCAR fan. Sundays you can find Rob watching the race with his daughter.

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2 Responses to Eight pounds and it’s back to broccoli

  1. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    I’m smiling at your post Rob since I’m going on vacation in about a month. Yep, It’s amazing how easy we can gain back what we loose at such an alarmingly fast rate!
    By recognizing the importance in your life IS setting an example.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. tom

    keep it up 3 years I am a nurse in boston 3 years ago my cardiologist smiled at me and said we are going to up your norvasc just a bit. I was 238 working nights you know. I have a now 6 yr old boy I needed to do something found a thai boxing gym started slow got a few bumps and bruises but 3 years later 178lbs can see my abs again i have more energy that i ever did and believe it or not now in moderation i eat what ever.It is truly worth the effort