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Email and texting etiquette for nurses


Nurses are busy enough taking care of patients, calming families, and keeping doctors updated on cases. Don’t let a silly email mistake ruin your shift! In this age of BlackBerry-toting professionals connected by email around the globe, it’s crucial to abide by the written (and unwritten) rules of email communication. You don’t want to embarrass yourself, do you?

Don’t send another message without this checklist in mind:

Fit for Email or Text?

Email’s speed and effectiveness is perfect for sending important message about a new swine flu outbreak or some other hospital emergency. But is it the best way to deliver every message? Are you sending an email about your vacation plans? Or are you responding to a message riddled with patient questions and clarification requests? Picking up the phone or chatting face-to-face with fellow nurses could cut down on time-wasting (and highly unproductive) back-and-forth prattle, which saves everyone time and energy. Remember, one size doesn’t fit all, so make sure an email is the correct mode of communication.

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