Entering Healthcare As A Certified Nursing Assistant

How To Get Hired As A CNA Professional

Getting hired as a certified nursing assistance can be completed in a variety of ways:

  • Some hospitals, nursing homes, or clinics will only ask for your resume at the office itself, while others may require that you register with a staffing agency to help you get started.
  • Online websites like Indeed.com are available to help you find positions in your area.
  • Your training course instructor is a great resource and may have ideas on how to find the right position and placement for you.

If you’re drawn to the healthcare industry for the ability to offer compassionate care to those in need, working as a Certified Nursing Aid might be your calling. There are thousands of CNA jobs open today, waiting for well-educated, professional, and caring people to fill these roles.


Written by Sally Keskey, RN/BSN, Owner, SM Creative Content

Sally Keskey is a Registered Nurse who has worked with several varied specialties, from maternal-infant health to medical oncology. She has a passion for empowering medical teams, including nurses and nurses’ aids alike. A great workforce is like a well-oiled machine and through education and positivity, Sally believes we can get our hospitals running like clockwork.

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