Equal pay for equal work?

Image: © Veer Incorporated

Nurses are big winners in H.R. 3590, the healthcare reform bill President Obama recently signed into law — especially nurse-midwives, who will now receive 100 percent Medicare reimbursement.

Previously, nurse-midwives received only a fraction of the Medicare reimbursement obstetrician/gynecologists received for similar services.  If an OB/GYN received $100 for a service, a nurse-midwife performing the same service was paid just $65.

Under H.R. 3590, nurse-midwives and obstetrician/gynecologists will be reimbursed equally.  It’s a move nurses applaud — and one they help will set a precedent.   Currently, nurse practitioners (NPs) are paid 85 percent of what a primary physician receives for similar care.  With NPs set to take over a large part of the primary care load, many nurses think equal pay is overdue.

What do you think?

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