Even more things nurses say every day

iStock | Dean Mitchell

iStock | Dean Mitchell

Nurses know there are things said in the hospital every day that folks working in other professions just can’t believe. We’ve highlighted a few of these here and even more here, but of course we wanted our readers to weigh in, as well!

So we went to our Funny Nurses Facebook page and asked you what YOU say every day. As you’d imagine, we got some fantastic answers. We’ve highlighted 10 below, but head over to Facebook to read even more (and add your own)!

1. “Preop: ‘Yes, underwear must come off, too…'”
Tiffany R.

2. “You have a foley in…you can just pee!”
Kena Z.

3. “When it comes to checking blood sugars, I say, ‘Let’s see how sweet you are today.'”
Rachel N.

4. “Pain meds aren’t due yet.”
Lissette M.

5. “I’d like to say something about hospital not being a hotel….”
Laura A.

6. “You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before.”
—Renea L.

7. “Have you pooped yet today?”
—Dena B.

8. “‘Where ya goin?’ As they’re climbing out of bed.”
—Alecia J.

9. “The doctor said if you don’t take your medicine, you can’t go home.”
—Keisha H.

10. “Hold on, let me get some gloves.”
Nicole G.



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One Response to Even more things nurses say every day

  1. Evangeline

    When taking a patient’s FBS I usually ask them to put their best finger forward. Usually it’s the naughty finger and we both have a good chuckle!