Experts outline 10 steps to achieving work-life balance


American Medical News has published new findings on what accounts for work-life balance and a handy ten step checklist to achieving overall life satisfaction:

1. Take time to assess your values and priorities periodically. Some people do this each year on New Year’s Day, or on their birthdays. When you think about what you want your life to look like, accept the fact that you are going to have to make some tough decisions to find balance and meet your personal and professional goals.

2. Try to avoid a cycle of constant “delayed gratification” by thinking “I’ll finally be happy when …” or “I can finally slow down when …”

3. Take short breaks — anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes a day — to breathe or stretch between patients. Studies show short breaks actually improve productivity, so you’ll more than make up for the time you lose by pausing for a moment.

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Gaynell Stone

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