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expressionsFeatured in the Summer 2013 issue of Scrubs
When the economy started to tank in 2007 and the market for his work dried up, sculptor David Torgoff looked for a backup plan to make ends meet. That’s when he first considered nursing. The hands-on aspect appealed to his tactile nature and, as he explains, “I had always been good at reading people.” A BA in fine arts, an MA in landscape architecture and 20 years as a working artist gave
him “a strong knowledge base,” but not the science credits necessary to apply to nursing school. After three and a half years of intense study—first fulfilling entrance prerequisites, then attending nursing school—Torgoff became an RN. “It really suits me. I love it.” In an intertwining of his two professions, Torgoff has been commissioned to create a series of outdoor sculptures for the hospice facility where he works. “Whether it’s as an artist or as a nurse, I rely on creativity to connect with people in a meaningful way.”


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