Fabulous Firsts

Image: Collage Photography | Veer

Thank you to all of you who sent your congrats about my new job! Today was my first official day, and it was fabulous! Ok, so I had pre-work nerves this morning, and the closer I got to the hospital, the worse they got. Once I walked into the hospital, a familiar face totally calmed me down (it’s amazing how much different I felt). Walking in the halls with my badge clipped on and my hot pink scrubs (not white!) definitely made me feel a bit better as well.  I was finally where I wanted to be – was this really happening?

And the day continued to get better. The morning shift was all a buzz, and I met some of the staff and my preceptor – and the greatest thing was everyone had a smile on their face. Despite it being early, despite being tired, everyone was genuine and pleasant. It wasn’t the typical, “Oh hi, you must be new,” but a great, “Welcome to our floor!” This happiness spread and lasted all day. I finally felt like I’ve found the right place to be.

There’s still a lot for me to get used to. Especially because I’m so used to my “student nurse” role, it’s different being on the other end.  And even more different is seeing the student’s on the floor – I see us (students) in a whole new light now! Today we had a light patient load since it was my first day, but Friday will be more orienting, and more patients. I can’t wait to get back in and get a better feel for what it’s going to be like to be an official employee at my favorite hospital!

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