Family first

Our jobs are tough.  We deal with a lot of non-sense everyday.  From screaming patients and family members to crazy patients to irate providers, we take a lot of abuse everyday when we work.
Though all of this the one constant I have is my wife and child.  I know, no matter what abuse I take at work, I can come home to my family that is happy to see me everyday.

But unfortunately sometimes I take my work home with me, and then take if out on them.  I really don’t mean to, but sometimes it is hard to just leave that screaming drunk at the hospital door that has been spitting at me, cursing at me and calling me names all day.  Then I come home, frustrated and angry and snap at them, or don’t show them the appreciation they deserve for just being there for me.

This week I realized what a pillar of strength my wife is for me.  She works full time too, so she doesn’t necessarily have dinner on the table for me, the house isn’t always picture perfect and we don’t always get the bed made (these are as much my fault as hers, its all about teamwork)….but what she does do for me is support me.  She believes in me.  She is there for me when I need her.  And when I am not such a perfect husband, she helps me to be one.

So, make sure you family comes first.  We are nurses at heart, but your priorities should be outside the hospital doors with those that take care of us.  Make sure you say thank you to those that support you and your career.

So, I want to tell my wife…Thank you and I love you!

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