Fargo hospital offers $15,000 bonus to RNs

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We’ve heard about the coming nursing shortage in many parts of America, but it’s already hit Fargo, N.D. Sanford Health in Fargo is currently offering sign-on bonuses of $15,000 for RNs who have at least two years of experience. The bonus also comes with the stipulation that the nurses must commit to stay at the hospital for at least three years.

According to the Grand Forks Herald, the hospital had signed on two dozen nurses in a little over a week after the bonus was offered.

Have you seen in any sign-on bonuses like this in any other areas? Let us know in the comments.

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One Response to Fargo hospital offers $15,000 bonus to RNs

  1. dmart

    I have always found it suspicious when places offer sign on bonuses- especially ones of this size—there is a reason they need to do this. I live and work in Fargo, and although Sanford gives great care, the demands of the nurses (or in an organization as big and growing as Sanford, the “numbers”) are worked hard and the environment is not that great. Prior to a major merger with Sanford in South Dakota, Fargo Sanford was Meritcare, and since the merger, many employees have left due to the changes.
    another thing is that although $15,000 sounds great, it is paid over 3 years. Working 40 hours a week, that is $2.40/hour. I don’t know about the rest of you, but that isn’t enough (no amount is) to keep me employed at a place I’m not really happy at.
    This is not to say that all employees find Sanford to be hard place to work, but common sense tells me that if you need to offer this much of a sign-on bonus, there is probably room for employee satisfaction. Just saying…