Fashion 911


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, or so we’re told. But what we learned for the Summer 2012 issue of Scrubs, when we went there to check out all the new styles at the Uniform Retailers Association Trade Show, is worth sharing. Several store owners told us they regularly receive calls from hospitals and doctors’ offices asking them to make sure nurses buy scrubs that fit right and aren’t too tight. Should retailers be the fashion police? We thought it more fitting that you take charge.
Here, some dos and don’ts:



Do choose pants that drape like pants and don’t cling like leggings or skinny jeans.

Do make sure your pants pockets fall flat and don’t buckle.

Do check your rear-view image. Bra straps and panty lines shouldn’t be visible at all.

Do layer your top over a tee that fits well. Two loose tops together looks too sloppy.

Don’t go too tight! It’s inappropriate in a work setting, and clothes that bind are uncomfortable during a long, grueling shift.

Don’t roll down the waist of your pants. You don’t want your thong peeking out when you’re bending over a coding patient.

Don’t go too low on top. No cleavage in a hospital or doctor’s office!

Don’t show bra bulge or back fat—make sure your top clears your back with room to spare.


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