Fight alarm fatigue and more news for nurses from spring 2014



Could that nurse with the gentle touch, the one with such a calm and kind manner, be the same man who threw a guy named “Disco Machine” to the floor the previous evening?

Indeed, James Morgan, RN, is also James “The Main Event” Morgan, one of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s brightest stars. The 30-year-old Morgan, who works in outpatient recovery in Orange, Calif., while pursuing his DPN, has been in the ring for 13 years, pounding opponents (and getting pounded himself) in professional wrestling. Is it as far a cry from nursing as it appears? Actually, no. “When someone is going to code and I’m doing chest compressions and feeling scared inside, I can project calm and confidence to the patient and his family,” says Morgan. “I learned that from wrestling.


Radio hasn’t gone the way of dial telephones—some of the best shows have just migrated to the Internet. That’s the location of Kevin Ross and Keith Carlson’s RNFM Radio, a place where nurses can tune in to hear lively conversation and connect with one another. Ross and Carlson—nurses themselves— pepper their weekly broadcasts with topics ranging from nurse entrepreneurship, self-care and improving workplace communication to writing fiction and creating art. In fact, some of their shows have been ripped from the headlines—of Scrubs —with our writers and editors weighing in on hot topics. The station was launched in 2012 and designed to give nurses a chance to hear from leaders and innovators in the field as well as take part in discussions themselves. “We often have roundtable talks where listeners can call in,” says Ross. “It’s like a virtual meetup.” You can listen live to RNFM Radio shows or click on podcasts to hear those you’ve missed; shows are also posted on their YouTube channel. Click here For the station’s greatest hits.



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