Finding the silver lining during a no good, very bad day


If anything helps a person home in on the things that really matter, it’s nursing.
That said, there are still those days when you definitely have to work to see the glass as half full—days when you’ve been giving…and giving…and giving (to the hundredth power), but good karma is apparently backlogged, because nobody is cuttin’ you any slack, not even the vending machine, which ate your change.

And so you slip into a foul mood (you’re only human, after all).

That said, it’s important to remember, even during times like these, that there is a bright side. Feel like you could use a little help spotting the silver lining? Let’s break down a typical no good, very bad day on the job with an eye for the good.


1. Your alarm goes off roughly five hours after you’ve fallen asleep. Your first instinct is panic and confusion.

The bright side?

You were so exhausted when you arrived home from your shift that you fell asleep eating slice #2 of the pizza you ordered. Which leaves EIGHT SLICES for today’s breakfast and lunch.


2. You were in a rush this morning, and you left your coffee mug on the counter.

However, it could be worse.

You could have remembered said coffee, only to spill it all over your clean scrubs while making a sharp left.

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