Finding the silver lining during a no good, very bad day


3. You’ve hardly made it into the building before a disgruntled not-yet-seen patient accosts you, displaying the rash in his armpit and showering you with questions.

Okay, so you weren’t prepared for that conversation (or the flash of skin) at all. Nevertheless, there’s a very good chance that the human obstacle course saved you from having to respond to a code brown that, only minutes ago, had everybody like:


4. Your unit is short staffed, as usual.

You ask your first patient to describe their symptoms. Only…

So, you have to go full Sherlock Holmes on her.

Which makes it especially satisfying when you’re able to pinpoint an obscure ailment and get the ball rolling on treatment.


5. The nurse-to-patient ratio is at “contained hysteria” level. You haven’t been able to visit the restroom, well, at all. And you’re three cups of coffee deep.

In a way, however, you’re really grateful for the uncommon strength of your bladder. Elevator gets stuck? No problem. Unsanitary porter potties? You can wait. Any line for the women’s room everywhere? Bring it on.


6. A woman just asked if you could “hop out” and pick up some fresh bagels.

She’s not even the patient.

On the bright side? Your very best nurse buddy is also working today, so you already know you can walk into the break room like:


7. As far as the physician on duty goes, you’re really carrying the team.

Then they snap at you when you ask them to clarify a written order because their handwriting has you like:

The silver lining? If patience is a virtue, you have more than enough to spare.

Twelve times over.


8. Four people are coming at you with requests, all at one time.

The good news? It feels that much more satisfying when you’re off duty and have every right to be like:


9. You fell the slightest bit behind on your charting. Okay—really behind.

Now you’re running at least an hour late to meet up with some non-nurse friends who have already begun to suspect you no longer exist.

But it’s been so long, that when they see you, they’re like:

Plus, your late arrival is now perfectly coordinated with the beginning of happy hour, which is kind of unintentionally brilliant.


10. It’s been a long day. You worked a 12-hour shift. You’re exhausted.

You’re still not even sure what happened.

Then you remember: You’re exhausted because you provided comfort and relief to at least a dozen different people today—and that’s pretty remarkable.

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