First ever baby born at hospital returns to be a nurse


You know what we’re going to say next, right? You guessed it. She’ll be working alongside the nurse who helped deliver her into the world. According to

“Cameron Fox, 23, the first baby born at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest Fort Worth, said she was hired last week as a registered nurse in postpartum, where she will take care of babies once they have been delivered with the help of nurse Eileen Wilson, who helped deliver Fox in 1987, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Monday.”

Which hospital were you born in? Would you consider ever working there? Why or why not?

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8 Responses to First ever baby born at hospital returns to be a nurse

  1. Alyce

    I’m actually trying to get a job at the hospital I was born at right now! (as a nurse’s aide, while I’m in nursing school) It’s not the original location, unfortunately… or fortunately? This hospital has become one of the highest-regarded facilities in our area, with several locations around the area. They value their nurses’ input on patient care, and all location either have or are working on nurse-friendly designations.
    Cross your fingers that I’ll get hired!

  2. Sherry Abens

    I actually went to Nursing School at the hospital where I was born as well as worked there. When I started school Sister Mary Zita Brennen would ask which of us were born at Mercy, she would then take our names and birthdate. It was about a week later when I ran into her again that she told me I was one of “HER” babies. She worked for years in OB & actually had signed my birth certificate! From that time on she knew my name every time she saw me and would ask how classes and clinicals were going. She passed away during my senior year and the library at Mercy College of Health Sciences is now named after her.

  3. Shirley

    I am working at the hospital I was born in!

  4. paula

    I would like to work at the hospital, I was born at. Unfortunately, that hospital has been demolished 25 years and been moved to other locations.

  5. My hospital was destory by a tornado there nothing there

  6. Helen

    I was born at Georgia Baptist Hospital in Atlanta, GA & I am now a senior at Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University. The hospital I was born in is now Atlanta Medical Center but it still prides me that my nursing school started in the hospital I was born in. I would love to work there if I could!

  7. Kara

    I work at the hospital and on the unit where I was born as an LDRP nurse! Unfortunately the nurse that delivered me has long retired but it is an amazing feeling to know that I have come full circle and returned to my birth place as a nurse bringing new life into the world! I hope one of the babies I have helped to deliver will one day be my coworker! :)

  8. Rakhel

    I was born at the hospital I now work at, on the unit I now work on. Some staff have been around since I was born so may have cared for me. I now work alongside them!
    I think it’s great.