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Five Anti-Vax Protesters Arrested After Storming NYC Burger King


Five people were arrested Monday night after they stormed a Burger King in New York in protest of the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Maskless protesters were filmed yelling at staff around 7:30 pm when they refused to serve them at a fast-food restaurant in downtown Brooklyn.

Police said they were called after the group repeatedly refused to leave.

The Big Apple vaccination mandate requires that people show proof of vaccination to be able to eat indoors.

Footage showed people yelling “shame on you” at the police while a group of demonstrators was handcuffed.

Others were filmed shouting that they were not criminals and did nothing wrong.

Police said all five in custody were charged with trespassing and remaining unlawfully at Burger King.

It was after six people were arrested earlier this month for staging a sit-in inside Queen’s Cheesecake Factory.

In the incident, about 40 demonstrators stormed the restaurant and refused to show proof of vaccination.

All six of these were charged with trespassing.


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