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WATCH: Four short videos to help nurses avoid burnout


2. Avoid ineffective stress relief tactics. You’ve had a harrowing week and you’re at the brink of burn out. You’re desperate for ways to cope. You turn to your best coworker who seems to show up to shift bright-eyed and bushy-tailed every single work day and blurt out, “What is your secret??”

She tells you it’s simple – she wakes up at 6am and swims lap in her pool for 45 minutes before work each day. Your heart sinks. You hate swimming. In fact, being in the water has given you anxiety ever since you were a kid. Should you try it because it works for her?

Dr. Robert Sapolsky, a biologist who specializes in neuro-endocrinology and the way stress affects our lives, has several REAL tips about what works for each person when it comes to stress management. Get Sapolsky’s no frills, no gimmicks advice in this short video. Sapolsky debunks the gurus who preach a ‘no-fail method’ for getting rid of stress and addresses the dangers of ‘saving up’ stress relief for the weekends.

See the video here.



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