Frugal foodie: Chicken-sausage bake


chicken-sausage-bakeLooking for a new recipe to spice up your holiday feast? How about an easy meal that you can prepare before your shift then pop into the oven when you get home?
This Chicken-Sausage Bake is a surefire crowd pleaser that combines family favorite ingredients that can all be bought in bulk at your local grocery store. Plus, it’s a cinch to prepare!

The recipe is from the coveted files of the Unconfidential Cook blog, started by Scrubs Editorial Director Catherine Ettlinger as an easy way to share recipes among her friends. She calls the Chicken-Sausage Bake a “never-fail, make-ahead dinner” recipe.

Chicken-Sausage BakeIngredients:
  • Sausage “I use packaged hot Italian sausage from my “upscale” supermarket,” says Catherine. “You can substitute or mix with the sweet version…but do not use fancy-flavored turkey sausage, which is too wimpy, not robust—read: fatty—enough.”
  • Chicken legs “I use twice as many as the number of sausages, because a nice serving is two legs and link. On another note: You must use chicken legs, not breasts or thighs, which are not the same size as the sausages and will not cook at the same rate.”
  • Italian seasoning
  • Salt and pepper
Cooking Directions:
  • Place sausages and chicken legs in a baking dish, and liberally sprinkle all with Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. “I do this hours before dinner, or the night before,” says Catherine.
  • Cover and refrigerate until ready to bake at 425 degrees for about an hour. Turn halfway through. “One of the beauties of this dish is that if your first course is running long, you can just turn off the oven—I’ve never ruined this!”
Catherine recommends serving the dish with oven-roasted potatoes and sauteed broccoli rabe.

Online Shopping Tip:
Take 30 seconds before your next shopping trip to visit’s Deal$ coupon site where you can see deals currently honored at your local grocery stores. For this recipe, just type in ‘chicken drumsticks’ or ‘Italian sausage’ in the search field, print and voila! You’re off to a great day of savings!


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