Funny stories: Oral contraceptive?

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Years ago when I was a nursing student, I had to spend a day at the local health department. A lady came in obviously very pregnant for prenatal care. The seasoned nurse I was shadowing appeared somewhat exasperated. Apparently this lady already had seven children. Here is their exchange:

Nurse: “I thought you didn’t want any more babies!”
Patient: “I don’t.”
Nurse: “Well, we discussed birth control and I gave you a diaphragm with spermicidal jelly, so what happened?”
Patient: “I don’t know. I ATE THAT WHOLE TUBE OF JELLY!”

I tried to keep a straight face, but I thought my mentor was going to have a heart attack. I’ve seen a little bit of everything over the years, but this has stayed with me. I learned to make sure my instructions are perfectly clear!

Robin Moses Gambrel is a contract RN to various hospitals. She has been a nurse since 1976.

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