Would your pet make a great nurse?

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The Humor Department at Scrubs HQ finally has an answer to the nursing shortage: Recruit our pets! Leaving no whiskered rock unturned, we’re scouring our files of adorable pets for signs of nursing potential.

The following may just be “funny videos” on YouTube, but at Scrubs they’re audition tapes for future (furry) nurses!

See below and decide for yourself if these adorable dogs and cats have what it takes. :-)

Meet the Future (Furry) Nurses:

HIPAA All-Star Dog
Irish Sett-ing Sail for Nursing School
Compassion Fatigue? Nary Larry
Great Dane, Greater Pediatrics Nurse
Tissue Retriever

HIPAA All-Star Dog

This dog would have no problem following HIPAA laws. He’s all about keeping nosy people out!

YouTube Preview Image

Next up: Irish Sett-ing Sail for Nursing School

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2 Responses to Would your pet make a great nurse?

  1. Me

    I love these! I’m an animal person so there really isn’t much you could put up with pets that I wouldn’t love. Along the lines of that Great Dane and the baby, animals (dogs in particular) are used at our pediatric facility all the time for the kids. There is a program called Happy Tails that accepts well-trained, well-socialized dogs to come to the hospital and make rounds visiting patients and families for comfort. Also, at our sister hospital, there is a Golden Retriever that is used for comfort measures for children across the hospital during IV sticks, invasive procedures, scans and anything else that may be frightening for a child. The dog has been known to actually get up on exam tables and lay next to scared children. Great, entertaining videos!

  2. Janice

    I don’t have a dog and my cat really does not do tricks. But after a long day at work, there is nothing like loud, roaring purr and a good kitty cuddle to take away the stress. He is ALWAYS there for me. I would not trade him for anything.